L) Steamboat Package
L) Steamboat Package

Steamboat. What else could we say? It is Malaysian’s favourite food and it is extremely popular for everyone’s dinner around Asia. Steamboat is one of the most famous foods to be shared amongst friends and families. It is healthy, delicious, and it is the ultimate comfort food for Asians. Ask yourself this question? What else could you want on a cold rainy night rather than a warm, delicate, earthy, bubbling, with a fragrant broth and a hint of condiments on the side?

Originated from China, steamboats (or also popular with the name of hotpot), are best enjoyed together with others. Imagine yourself at a table, sitting with your friends or family, enjoying the hot and tasty broth while chatting and discussing your interest in the middle of the evening, it is certainly our idea of a cozy evening. 

The unique things about steamboats are that there is no regulation whatsoever about what ingredients you should put into the broth. Do you want to put salmon fresh Malaysia in the pot? Go for it. Only have frozen crab sticks on the fridge? Go for it. Or maybe, you want something more luxurious than frozen crab sticks, you could put fresh mussels online Malaysia in it. This lays the beauty of the hotpot, it can be whatever you want and it would still be delicious.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              For those of you who want to make your own steamboat at home, we at OnGrocer would provide you with the necessities that you need for your steamboat at home. If you are too lazy to go to the store to buy it, we are the solution for you. We are one of the best online grocery in Malaysia that provides same day grocery delivery in Malaysia. Rather than spending your energy to walk or drive into the nearest grocery store, let us deliver it to your doorstep so you can chill at home doing anything that you like. If you want to buy fresh fish online in Malaysia for your steamboat needs, OnGrocer online has a steamboat section to cater to that.

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