B) Vegetable
B) Vegetable

In every household, vegetables are one of the necessities because vegetables are incorporated into every dish that the household makes. Vegetables also provide all the nutrients that our body needs - Vitamin A, D, and any other healthy nutrients that can help you stay healthy. Because of this, every buyer will want to have fresh local vegetables every day. Why local? Local vegetables are way fresher than non-local vegetables because vegetables are more likely to oxidize, making the vegetables less fresh and degrade all the necessary nutrients. That is why you should buy local vegetables. 

However, in the current era, individuals are getting busier by the day. In Malaysia, more individuals have to take part in a 9 to 5 job. After finishing their work at 5, they will have to face packed traffic because everyone will be coming home from work. This activity will be done for five or six days every day. On the weekends, people will be too tired to go anywhere. If you are one of these individuals, why don’t you just buy vegetables online in Malaysia?

OnGrocer got you covered! Use our service for hassle-free online vegetables grocery shopping in Malaysia. Moreover, using our service is very simple, you can just go to our website, go to the vegetable section, choose the fresh local vegetables that you want and we will deliver it for you. OnGrocer offers you a wide variant of fresh local vegetables - flower veggies, seed veggies, Cameron Highlands veggies, and many more. Our services will always be available for you because we operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is why you do not need to worry if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your house or if you want to take a day off. We will do all the “hard” grocery buying stuff for you!                                                                                  
If you are looking to buy fruits online in Malaysia, you can also order the fruits through our website. We provide a wide variant of fresh fruits and we also sell imported fruits online in Malaysia.

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Kacang Botol - 300g+-


Seng  Kuang   -  1  Pc


Everbest Ring Ring Roll


Fried Beancurd - 50pcs


Xian Mei Fried Beancurd 50pcs


Bawang Merah Kecil (Indian Shallot) - 500G+-/ Pack


Japanese Tofu Telur - 1PC


The impressive health benefits of onions include their ability to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disorders, & diabetes.


Tastes sweeter than the big onions although it is a bit spicy and windy


An excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium and other micronutrients, tofu is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. 


It tastes spicy and very windy


Taufu Hard (Beancurd Hard) - 1PC


Ayam Brand Whole Mushrooms - 420g+-/ Tin


Ayam Brand Mushrooms - 190g+-/ Tin


Suri Papadam (Round) - 100g+-/ Pack


Suri Papadam (Square) - 100g+-/ Pack


Pickled Ginger Slice - 200g


Spicy Beancurd preserved (Fu Yu) (Guang He) - 335g+-/Bottle


Freeze Dried Fungus - 20g+-/ Bottle


Salted Plum - 150g+-/ Bottle


SiChuan Beancurd With Chili & Sesame (Halal) -130g+-/ Bottle


Cheong Chan Pickled Lettuce - 170g+-/ Bottle


Pickled Leek - 200g


Tong Garden Broad Beans (Chilli) - 120g+-/ Pack

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