E) Egg & Rice & Noodle
E) Egg & Rice & Noodle

Eggs, rice, and noodles are stapled foods incorporated in most of our favourite Malaysian dishes. With such local classics as nasi lemak, bihun soup, and roti telur, rice, eggs, and noodles clearly fulfil a large portion of any Malaysian diet, and should therefore never be excluded from the grocery list. At OnGrocer, we understand the importance of these ingredients to many of our beloved local cuisines and are prepared to offer you the best rice, noodles, and eggs online in Malaysia

We guarantee that our available selection of eggs, rice, and noodles include some of the best in the market. Our rich variety of eggs, rice, and noodles comprise options that would satisfy any Malaysian palate, from classic vermicelli noodles to the best instant noodles to spaghetti in Malaysia. Not to mention, what Malaysian isn’t a fan of the beloved nasi lemak and mee goreng? At OnGrocer, we can provide you with scrumptious varieties of Maggi Mee, Indomie, and Kawan Nasi Lemak. With our extensive choices of eggs, rice, and noodles, we promise that each order will be able to fill you up and imbue your tastebuds with the classic flavours of home.                                                                                                                                                      
Our online grocery delivery service ensures speedy and efficient delivery of all your egg, rice, and noodle products. With our groceries same day delivery Malaysia service, we guarantee you’ll be able to receive all your orders promptly, and quickly prepare yourself all the beloved egg, rice, and noodle dishes you ever want within the comfort of your own home. With OnGrocer, you can procure some of the best groceries online without ever needing to set foot outside, and have them all delivered quickly and efficiently to your doorstep. Get your egg, rice, and noodle needs from OnGrocer today!

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Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Perisa Asli Jumbo - (139g x 4pcs)


Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Perisa Sambal Goreng - (88g x 5pcs)


Indomie Mi Goreng Aceh - 5 Packs x 90g


Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy - 5 Packs x 80g


Indomie Mi Goreng Special - 5 Packs x 85g


Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Ayam Krispi - (88g x 5pcs)


Mi Sedaap Mi Goreng Perisa Asli - (91g x 5pcs)


Nissin Fried Noodle Specialist Japanese Teppan Yakisoba - 5 Packs x 90g


PAMA Instant Bihun Clear Soup Flavour - 5 Packs x 55g


PAMA Instant Bihun Thai Tom Yam Flavour - 5 Packs x 55g


PAMA Instant Kua Teow Clear Soup Flavour - 5 Packs x 55g


PAMA Instant Mee Thai Tom Yam Flavour - 5 Packs x 55g


Vit's Rice Vermicelli Cup Spicy Clear Soup (Ketam) - 55g+-/Pack


Vit's Rice Vermicelli Cup Vegetarian - 55g+-/ Pack


Myojo Chicken Abalone - 5 Packs x 79g

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