F) Dim Sum/ Pastry / Bread
F) Dim Sum/ Pastry / Bread

Dim sum, the ultimate Chinese food for Malaysians whether with family, friends, or even alone. Dim sum is food that originated from Hong Kong and Guangdong province but now has become so famous not just in Asia, but also throughout the world. The Cantonese has always been known as someone who appreciates a true delicacy of culinary experience. With first only served as a breakfast tradition, it has now become comfort food for everyone that is craving for some hot and tasty kind of either snack or a meal.  

It is usually served in small plates, like a one-biter kind of size because the goals of serving it on a small plate are because dim sum is generally served as a family-style kind of dinner. Having many small plates on a table would allow all the dinners to taste all of the variants of the dim sum, some classics of which include frozen pau Malaysia and frozen dumpling Malaysia

If you are too lazy to make your dim sum from scratch, we have the solution for you. We at OnGrocer offer you with the best frozen dim sum that you could get on the market. If you are too lazy to come to your nearest store, our frozen food delivery service in Malaysia will deliver it right to your doorstep and we will deliver it to you on the same day of your order.                                                                                                                              
Not only dim sum, but we also offer you some of the finest frozen pastry in Malaysia and bread delivery in Malaysia for your necessities at home. Too busy or maybe too lazy to make your own breakfast before going to work? Or maybe you just want to fill up your snack charts at home? Our top-notch bread delivery Malaysia service will deliver you a good piece of bread to your home to fill up your stomach in the morning and to give you more variants on your snack option at home. If you are interested to know more about our other snack options, check out OnGrocer’s snack section.

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